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Dirt Cheap is one of the area’s most popular and enduring bands. If you check out the local paper for the week’s entertainment, you have likely seen the name. Of course, there’s a reason for that, and it’s because they consistently serve up a true tasting of classic rock, blues, acoustic and new music derived from a variety of influences.


Dirt Cheap plays every song with the expressive feel, punchy tone and "dead on" vocal harmony that you've come to expect from a professional rock band of this caliber, and they all sing. In fact, one of the qualities that separates Dirt Cheap from many other area bands is rich harmony on top of driving music with singers who can deliver the different styles necessary for a top-rate cover band. Their repertoire is as diverse as the band members are, playing everything from Bad Company, Eric Clapton and Foreigner to Journey, Styx, Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin, to name a few.


The band would like to extend a personal invitation to everyone who reads this to join us for an evening filled with your favorite music, lots of fun and most importantly people like you that help to create the "fluff free, no bullshit rock 'n' roll atmosphere" that we love and hope will keep you coming back for more !

"Dirt Cheap" is available for your party!

Contact Steve (518) 744-5477

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